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Hello, I'm a top notch Apple fanchild who loves push code. I'm a fulltime hacker who works best late at night (around o'clock).

My developer personality is very similar to 's but is more of a pusher. There is also an uncanny similarity between My activity stream and those of

It seems like I am—or should be—friends with . With this in mind, it's worth noting that has a more consistent weekly schedule. There is also an obvious connection between me and

These days, I'm most actively contributing to the repositories:


The two following graphs show My average weekly and daily schedules. These charts give significant insight into My character as a developer. The colors in the charts indicate the fraction of events that are

Note: an attempt has been made to show these plots in in the correct timezone (based on QiuFeng's location listed on their GitHub profile) but this procedure is imperfect at best.

You already know that QiuFeng loves pushing code but the following chart sheds some light onto what QiuFeng does with their open source time. In the full event stream analyzed for this report, there are a total of events recorded for me. The colors in the pie chart below indicate the number of events that are

QiuFeng has contributed to repositories in languages. In particular, QiuFeng seems to be a pretty serious expert with a surprisingly broad knowledge of as well. The following chart shows the number of contributions QiuFeng made to repositories mainly written in

Remember that it is just meant to be a toy and not meant to be taken seriously

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