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制作自己的 CocoaPods


本文以 GitHub 中的 QIULaunchAnimation 为例,介绍如何制作一个自己的 Cocoapods

首先,确保你已经安装了 Cocoapods, 并且版本大于 0.33。接着,我们打开 Terminal, 输入

$ pod spec create QIULaunchAnimation

该命令会在你的当前目录下创建一个 QIULaunchAnimation.podspec 的文件,打开文件可以逐一看到所有的内容,并且每一项内容都有详细的介绍是干嘛的。这里我们直接省略,截取我们需要的内容如下:

#  Be sure to run `pod spec lint QIULaunchAnimation.podspec' to ensure this is a
#  valid spec and to remove all comments including this before submitting the spec.
#  To learn more about Podspec attributes see http://docs.cocoapods.org/specification.html
#  To see working Podspecs in the CocoaPods repo see https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs/

Pod::Spec.new do |s|
  s.name         = "QIULaunchAnimation"
  s.version      = "0.0.1"
  s.summary      = "Launch animation like Twitter"
  s.homepage     = "https://github.com/VioletHill/QIULaunchAnimation"
  s.license      = 'MIT'  
  s.author       = { "QiuFeng" => "qfviolethill@163.com" }
  s.source       = { :git => "https://github.com/VioletHill/QIULaunchAnimation.git", :tag => "0.0.1" }
  s.source_files = 'src/*.{h,m}'
  s.framework  = 'UIKit'
  s.platform     = :ios, '7.0'
  s.requires_arc = true  



具体的 license 中内容可以参见这里

之后把你的代码 push 到 GitHub 上,并且打上 tag 0.01 (和上述 s.source 中描述的相同即可)

###Trunk (利用 Trunk 发布你的库)

最后一步,把你的代码发布到 Cocoapods 官方管理中,这样别人就能通过

pod search QIULaunchAnimation


首先 在 Terminal 中输入:

$ pod trunk register your@email.com "QiuFeng"

接着去你的邮箱里查收一个链接,表示注册 trunk 成功, 然后输入

pod trunk push NAME.podspec


Validating podspec

-> QIULaunchAnimation (0.0.1)

Updating spec repo master

接着 运行

pod search QIULaunchAnimation


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